Monitoring survey, crack monitoring, remote monitoring, structural monitoring, environmental monitoring, automated monitoring

Every structural monitoring and environmental monitoring project is considered unique and a fit-for-purpose monitoring solution can be provided following a sympathetic consultation process.

MK Surveys offer the most advanced technology utilising both automated and manual data recording methods.

Considerations are given to factors such as monitoring duration, measurement frequency, specified accuracies and reporting format to ensure we deliver optimum client satisfaction and peace of mind.

 Solutions we offer:

mksbullet Automated and manual deformation monitoring

mksbullet Automated and manual crack monitoring

mksbullet Automated vibration monitoring

mksbullet Precise levelling / settlement recording

mksbullet Floor slab deformation

mksbullet Railway movement monitoring

mksbullet Photographic crack monitoring

mksbullet 3D laser scan dataset comparison

mksbullet Verticality surveys and monitoring

dust sensors Noise and Dust Monitoring

dust sensors Time Lapse Recording


Structural Monitoring
Remote Monitoring
Automated Monitoring


Structural Monitoring
Automated Monitoring
Structural Monitoring