MK Surveys has a dedicated team of surveyors and CAD personnel experienced in the production of lease plans to suit all requirements, we offer a tailor made solution that falls into two categories.

mksbullet Lease Plans & Land Registry Plans

A Lease Plan is a scale drawing of land and buildings described in your Lease. It also depicts any shared areas and any rights of way. A Key Plan which showing the location of the property is also required to register your Lease with the Land Registry.

We can provide the full service to include obtaining the digital existing land registry plan, site verification where required and the production of the new lease plans.
Full measured floor plans can also be recorded on site, these can often be used for other purposes on site such as space planning, fire route plans, etc.
Once the base plan is prepared this can be subdivided for specific property requirements depending upon client instruction.

All MK Surveys lease plans are fully Land Registry compliant.