HDR Imagery, Spheron VR, Photography for surveying, colour mapping

MK Surveys are innovative when it comes to imaging technology, believing that capturing the reality of a site is essential in the collaborative working environment of today.

We utilise the latest in both hardware and software to provide stimulating HDR (High Dynamic Range) imagery, utilising our Spheron-VR HDR Camera system which enables us to provide incredible colourised laser scan data as well as many other image based deliverables such as:

Spheron VR HDR panoramic imagery

Spheron VR virtual reality tours

Spheron VR Visual asset management

Spheron VR Visual condition reports

Spheron VR Rectified imagery

Spheron VR Photogrammetric deliverables.

Spheron VR


Examples of our Spheron-VR HDR Panoramic Imagery can be viewed from the links below:

Fulham Town Hall


Spheron VR


32-bit HDR Imagery at 26 – f-stops in any lighting environments

HDR Imagery
Plant Room Visual Asset Management