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MK Surveys have recently completed full Topographical & Measured Building Surveys of St Albans Quad, Merton College, Oxford.

"St Alban's Quad was originally St Alban Hall, a medieval student residence that survived as an independent Hall of the University until 1882, when it was incorporated with Merton College. John Henry Newman briefly held the position of vice-principal in 1825. The St Alban Hall buildings were reconstructed by Basil Champneys in 1905-1910."

Merton College
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Spheron-VR AG, known globally as pioneers in HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera technology and experts in visual content management software, announce that a leading UK survey company, MK Surveys have invested in the latest Spheron HDR Camera. Here they reveal how it has already been successfully used on a prestigious cultural heritage project.

SpheronVR Press Release can be read in full here

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MK Surveys have just taken delivery of their first RD8100. The latest locater from Radiodetection now has features including iLOC, power filters, and rapid peak location.

The receiver also has a built in GPS, or can be linked to a high precision external GPS for fast detection and location all at the same time.

PAS128 Survey
surveys4BIM, survey4BIM, scan2BIM

We are pleased to announce our updated surveys4BIM website is now live.

This is our dedicated site for all things BIM, and hopefully this site helps to explain "what is a BIM Survey"

The Survey Association Golf Masters 2015

We are pleased to congratulate our own director Stuart Dimond who is the TSA Golf Masters Champion for 2015! 

Stuart Dimond
TSA golf day
Leica P40, Spheron‬-VR HDR, HDR Imaging

We have just taken delivery of our new scanner-spheron tribrach adapter.

This allows us to colourise laser scan data to the highest quality using the tonemapped imagery from the best HDR camera in the world.

This bracket is the first ever to be manufactured specially for ‪Leica‬ scanners and custom made for MK Surveys!!

Spheron‬-VR HDR
Spheron‬-VR HDR
Leica P40, RIS Hi-Mod

We regularly invest in new technologies and this month is no different.

Firstly we have improved our 3D Laser Scanning capabilities with the purchase of the new Leica P40 Scan Stattion. "The ScanStation P40 offers highest versatility including long range capabilities. Delivering outstanding range, speed and data quality whenever and wherever needed it is the perfect solution for any tasks in 3D laser scanning"

We have also increased our Utility Survey departments range of instruments with the purchase of the RIS Hi-Mod."The RIS MF Hi-Mod systems has been specifically designed for utility mapping with multi frequency array solution offering great location accuracy and penetration depth with high levels of productivity. The system is designed to deliver a complete solution from field acquisition to the final output of CAD or GIS."

mks P40
mks hi mod

MK Surveys are very proud to have been awarded the maximum 5 star rating for their latest RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) audit.


MK Surveys New Website, Tim Salmon

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new fully responsive and updated website, created in-house by our regional manager for East Midlands - Tim Salmon.
Alexandra Palace - Surveying services, pas128, PAS256, Utility Survey, PAS128 survey

MK Surveys are currently undertaking survey works at Alexandra Palace as part of the Heritage Lottery Fund refurbishment works to the Hidden Theatre (built circa 1875) and the BBC Studios, the birthplace of high-definition television broadcasts in 1936.

Alexandra Palace

We are currently carrying out Topographical Surveys for Waterloo Station, London. This has included undertaking a complete 5km closed loop traverse to enable us to achieve the high accuracy surveying that all our clients have come to expect from our survey work.

Waterloo Railway Surveys
Railway Surveys

MK Surveys continued investment in imaging technology has moved forward with our purchase of a Spheron-VR HDR Camera system.
This will enable us to provide incredible colourised laser scan data as well as many other image based deliverables such as HDR panoramic imagery, virtual reality tours, visual asset management, rectified imagery and photogrammetry.
This investment not only elevates our status within our current application areas but also introduces us to many additional diversifying markets on the horizon.

Spheron-VR HDR Camera
Spheron-VR HDR Camera