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Water Leak Detection Services

MK Surveys experience in Utility Surveys means that we can offer a very effective service above and beyond traditional leak detection. Safety as always is critical and our staff hold specialist certification for working in confined spaces along with EUSR for working within areas of potable water

On visiting site we would use a variety of leak detection and surveying equipment to pin-point any leak to a high level of accuracy. Techniques include:

Leak Detection Listening Stick / Ground Microphone
Leak Detection Correlator
Leak Detection Meter Logger
Leak Detection Traditional land and utility surveying (GPR, EML, Total Station, GNSS)

All water mains and leak positions located would be referenced relative to a basic topographical survey undertaken by us at the time of the leak detection survey, or onto Ordnance Survey data, and included within that file as individually identified layers, with the completed file issued as a 2D AutoCAD and PDF file.

Concrete Scanning


Concrete Scanning


Concrete Scanning


Concrete Scanning


Water Meter Logging

Water Logging or Data Logging involves MK Surveys experienced staff installing a highly accurate water meter on each incoming water supply to your property / estate.

The data logger would generally be left on site for a week collecting data for water flow every minute.

Upon completion a usage report / consumption profile will be provided, indicating the difference between peak and off-peak times and ascertaining the site base rate. If a leak in the system is suspected, then recommendations for further detection and repair works will be provided.


Water Audits

This is the most comprehensive service offering a complete breakdown of where, and how much water is used.

This will include an incoming water logging survey and, if necessary, a leak detection survey and will provide a consumption profile identifying the amount of water entering site along with a consumption balance where this water is accounted for on site, for example in individual buildings, wastage, or any water lost through suspected leakage.


Water Pipe Repair

Where a leak has been detected we offer a full repair service including excavation to reveal the leak, remedial works along with complete re-instatement of ground.

The completed repairs will be documented by photographs, and the positions of the repair location will be updated on the original plan produced as part of the water leak detection survey.